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March 3, 2017
Leak detection – Part 2
May 2, 2017
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Leak detection

Leak detection is a problem we all face or will face at some time in our lives. This is an unpleasant inconvenience for all who encounter this problem. All Leaks immediately are known to be a waste of water. Without water we are not able to survive, and through leaks that are not detected or left to worsen we are wasting liters upon liters. Regardless of the amount, it all adds up and then affects not just the individual experiencing the leaks, it then affects other individuals as we all suffer through wastage of water and you can imagine why, water is a need it’s a necessity. We use water when cooking, bathing, use of a toilet and so much more. Leak detection can influence saving water.

A lot of the time you will find that when it comes to detecting leaks you would visibly notice it, especially if it’s the common leak from the rain that you see falling down the walls, causing rotting of the ceiling in the parts of the leaks area. This can become visible to the human eye for sure and should have you running to the phone to get a plumber to investigate the kind of leak and where it is coming from. Able Plumbers experience call out requests regarding leak detection more often than you think. The list of leaks that one can encounter are endless, the dishwasher, washing machine, leaking taps, pool leaks and   fridges. The list continues. The rust the water damage causes could cause infestation of termites or mold growth, which can implicate ones health. As much as we would like to turn a blind eye on the leak and hope it goes away on its own it’s highly unlikely. We think about the cost and implication the repairs of the leaks experienced will cost, and this send us running off, but we should be wiser thinking about the problems to come if it is not repaired. The fact of the matter is that it could put a bigger dent in your wallet if not taken care of. The damages to the property caused by leaks can worsen with time, decreasing the value of the property. The amount to fix it in the long run increases drastically as well, and in some cases where by your health is affected you can count on the hefty medical bills as well. Leak detection is done using different tools and methods and for those that have not visually seen or heard leaks. Turning to your water bill regularly allows you to monitor if there are leaks, you are not aware of.

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